Develop projects into the Metaverse before your competitors!

We are programmers and we know more than the rules, we also know the technical part that makes the difference

We collect and field test thousands upon thousands of technical information that gets you to your "Earnest" goal.


Create virtual meetings

Be able to effectively manage a virtual meeting and collect registrations


Open your shop inside

Find new clients in the Metaverse and offer them unique services. They will love you even more.


Buy and sell land

The Metaverse real estate market has no limits, you can buy and sell, you can create your own real estate agency in the Metaverse.


Boost your business locally

Metaverse tools are dedicated to making your business explode, use them before others, they work locally too.


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Your business into the future "before the others"

The information is provided by expert users, each specialized in a different metaverse, who know this virtual world well because they are frequent visitors and / or already sell services and products internally.

In this way we assure you that you will acquire the knowledge of the highest level, and we will also provide you with a Degree that certifies your skills (based on your choice).

Metaverse speaker

You will be a metaverse expert

You will learn how to find opportunities to create a business and make it work.

It is not difficult when you possess the skills.

This course not only gives you the basic information but finally explains step by step how to act and create a business with the secrets that only these users have discovered with the experience of hours and hours of use.

  • We will start from the basics and then arrive at the application to the business

  • How to enter and what can be done in the Metaverse
  • How to create your own avatar that is the perfect copy of ourselves
  • We will get to know the main metaverses one by one in depth
  • Then we will learn how to

  • Meet new people and engage in a new relationships in the metaverse
  • Open our shop (or other business) inside and how to find customers
  • Buy land and then review it or rent it out
  • Have different experiences, go to Broadway and see a musical as if you were live
  • Create an Event and sell tickets to attendees from all over the world
  • Create virtual meetings and collect registrations
  • Do sports and sell related services
  • Create characters and accessories for free for the metaverse and sell them

And we must be ready to interact as protagonists.

The best way is to obtain the skills and then choose how to operate as an expert.


Our courses are suitable for all types of users from beginners to experts, from young to old

The language used by our teachers is clear, simple and friendly,
ideal to be able to listen to it over and over again without ever getting tired.


Although I don't understand much about the internet the teachers are good and explain everything step by step, I go back to follow all the steps and easily managed to create the structure of my project.

Zinnia, Australia


In no time I chose the right Metaverse and created my own business within it, every day I'm having fun and doing new work.

John Shannan, NY


I have discovered amazing opportunities that I didn't know about, the information in these courses is truly comprehensive and unheard of. The most important concepts I've found here and it's mostly the teachers' experiences that save you thousands of hours and mistakes that they've made and you won't make. Great. Highly recommended!

Herry Hopper, London

All courses are in English mother tongue with subtitles

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Access to all courses of the chosen metaverse

  • Nr. 1 Metaverse of your choise
  • From Zero to Expert
  • Lifetime access to the courses


$199 / one-off subscription
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Access to all courses of the chosen metaverses

  • Nr. 3 Metaverses of your choise
  • From Zero to Expert
  • Lifetime access to the courses
  • Digital Degree in Metaverse.


$299 / one-off subscription
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Access to all courses

  • !! All metaverses !!
    (even future incoming ones)
  • From Zero to Expert
  • Lifetime access to all courses
  • Digital Degree in Metaverse.
  • Unlimited updates
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